Planning Committee Members and Committees

Photo of Dawn Ford

Dawn Ford

(Chair) (2022-2023)


Susan Eckelmann-Berghel

(Chair Elect) (2022-2023)

RJ Groh Headshot

R.J. Groh

( Representative. at Large) (2022-2023)

Brooke Persons Headshot

A. Brooke Persons

(Recorder/Treasurer) (2021-2023)

Susan Lazenby

Susan Lazenby

(Website/Communications Officer) (2021-2023)

Megan Hartline

(College of Arts and Sciences English) (2022-2025)

Rachel Fleming

(Library Collection Services) (2021-2023)

Elizabeth O'Brien Headshot

Elizabeth Oden O’Brien

(College of Health, Education, and Professional Studies Director School of Professional Studies and Counselor Education) (2021-2024)

Dr. Brian J. O'Leary

Brian O’Leary

(College of Arts and Sciences Psychology) (2021-2023)

Erika Schafer

(College of Arts and Sciences Music) (2022-2025)

Bethany Womack

Bethany Womack

(College of Health, Education, and Professional Studies Social Work) (2021-2023)

Mengjun Xie

Mengjun Xie

(ECS CSC) (2021-2023)

Stephanie Eton

(Physical Therapy) (2022-2025)

Brooke Persons Headshot

Brooke Persons

(College of Arts and Sciences: Social, Cultural and Justice Studies) (2021-2023)

Sheena Monds

Sheena Mounds

(College of Arts & Sciences English) (2021-2024)

Latisha Simmons

Latisha Simmons

(CHEPS Social Work) (2022-2023)

Headshot of Sarah Canatsey

Sarah Canatsey

(Gary W. Rollins College of Business Instructional Development) (2021-2024)

Kimberly Thomas

(Director, Decosimo Success Center) (2021-2024)

Sara Jackson

Sara Jackson

(College of Engineering and Computer Science Outreach Coordinator) (2021-2023)

Gerda Zinner Headshot

Gerda Zinner

(Academic Advisor, Student Success Center) (2022-2025)


Anitra Barrett

(OEI) (2022-2025)

Cindy Strine headshot

Cindy Strine

(Campus Recreation Director) (2021-2023)

UTC Profile Placeholder

Mary Lee King

(Assistant Director, Mocs Card Office) (2022-2025)

Heather Heinlein

Heather Heinlen

(Arts and Sciences Math) (2021-2024)

Profile photo of Nora Ketron

Nora Ketron

(Library) (2021-2023)

Jamey Kraus

Jamey Kraus

(Assistant to Deans Office, CHEPS) (2022-2025)

Carisha Doty Profile

Carisha Doty

 [email protected]

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Megan Doman


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Quinn Vinson




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